Shandong Province – Nucleus of Chinese History

Did you know that the region of Qingdao was home to one of China’s oldest advanced civilizations? Indeed, the Qi people had settled on the Shandong Peninsula more than 3,000 years ago making it one of China’s most original places. In Autumn and Spring Period, the City of Linzi evolved to be the world’s biggest city of … Continue reading Shandong Province – Nucleus of Chinese History

5th German Wine Festival in Qingdao!

Drinking wine and learn Chinese with XMandarin? The German wine festival in Qingdao was once again a success! The 5th edition of the wine festival took place at the Olympic sailing center. With more than 5000 visitors, XMandarin is proud to have been part of it again. It’s been the third time that XMandarin has … Continue reading 5th German Wine Festival in Qingdao!

Qingdao Fushan Mountain 浮山

After an exhausting week learning Chinese in Qingdao's Languages Schools. Among all activities possible in Qingdao, a hike in Fushan is one of the most enjoyable. Easy to access, free and relaxing, an afternoon of hiking in these mountains makes you forget the stress and noise of the city. The first part is easy to … Continue reading Qingdao Fushan Mountain 浮山

10 Dinge die sich ändern wenn du im Ausland bist

Hallo, heute schreibe ich einmal in Deutsch. Natürlich werden unsere Blog Artikel weiter in Englisch geschrieben, dennoch wollten wir auch einmal an unsere vielen Deutschen Leser einen Blog schreiben. Mittlerweile bin ich seit über 3 Monaten hier in China. Für mich war und ist es die beste Entscheidung in Ausland zu gehen. 10 wichtige Dinge … Continue reading 10 Dinge die sich ändern wenn du im Ausland bist

In love with Qingdao

The days passed so fast and I am not even two months here. But I am feeling really like home and I like Qingdao. The last week was exciting and I had a lot of adventures. My younger sister arrived on Saturday from Germany and is visiting me for more than two weeks. After a … Continue reading In love with Qingdao

German Wine Festival in Qingdao

What a nice weekend! This weekend was the German Wine Festival in Qingdao, China. It was the 4th German Wine Festival. But for me the first one. The Festival was over three days,a lot of fun and perfect for everybody, which want to have a drink, some food or dance.     The Festival was … Continue reading German Wine Festival in Qingdao

Start to learn a new language!

The first month from my adventure is over and it fells here more and more like home. I am really happy to found XMandarin and that I had the chance to learn a new language. Where ever I travel I learned so much new things. I learned so much interested, from the people and more … Continue reading Start to learn a new language!