10 Dinge die sich ändern wenn du im Ausland bist

Hallo, heute schreibe ich einmal in Deutsch. Natürlich werden unsere Blog Artikel weiter in Englisch geschrieben, dennoch wollten wir auch einmal an unsere vielen Deutschen Leser einen Blog schreiben. Mittlerweile bin ich seit über 3 Monaten hier in China. Für mich war und ist es die beste Entscheidung in Ausland zu gehen. 10 wichtige Dinge … Continue reading 10 Dinge die sich ändern wenn du im Ausland bist

In love with Qingdao

The days passed so fast and I am not even two months here. But I am feeling really like home and I like Qingdao. The last week was exciting and I had a lot of adventures. My younger sister arrived on Saturday from Germany and is visiting me for more than two weeks. After a … Continue reading In love with Qingdao

Making Mooncakes

I hope everyone had a wonderfull Mid-Autumn Festival last couple of days! Last week Wednesday I went to a bakery to make my own mooncakes. And I have to say, you should try it as well if you get the chance. We started the day off with a cultural lesson about mooncakes and the Mid-Autumn … Continue reading Making Mooncakes

German Wine Festival in Qingdao

What a nice weekend! This weekend was the German Wine Festival in Qingdao, China. It was the 4th German Wine Festival. But for me the first one. The Festival was over three days,a lot of fun and perfect for everybody, which want to have a drink, some food or dance.     The Festival was … Continue reading German Wine Festival in Qingdao

Start to learn a new language!

The first month from my adventure is over and it fells here more and more like home. I am really happy to found XMandarin and that I had the chance to learn a new language. Where ever I travel I learned so much new things. I learned so much interested, from the people and more … Continue reading Start to learn a new language!

5 Chinese Ancient Inventions

While there have been many new inventions in China, for example the Dockless shared bikes, being able to pay for everything with your smartphone both online and offline. I am going to talk about the acient inventions which changed the way people live. Paper Making One of the greatest inventions inventions would be the way … Continue reading 5 Chinese Ancient Inventions

If you never try it, you’ll never know if you would like it

Where ever you go for travel or living you just have to try things. Sometimes you have to try the traditional food or explore the culture from the country. After my 4 weeks now in Qingdao, i really tried different food typical for China. In every country, the food is different. That’s what I love … Continue reading If you never try it, you’ll never know if you would like it

Tracing 8000 km back home

It feels like yesterday that I wrote my first article on this blog. As one of out first post since the conception of this web, I explained how I made my way across 8000 km, going all across Eurasia from Spain to Qingdao. Back then, I was but a humble student with no idea about … Continue reading Tracing 8000 km back home

Did you ever wrote or draw a Chinese word ?

One week is already over and the time flies away but this week will be in my memories forever. I will tell you everything from the beginning... As you know it is my first time here in China and I could never imagine that I will learn chinese when I was in my hometown. „Did … Continue reading Did you ever wrote or draw a Chinese word ?

Kàn diànshìjù (看电视剧): What series to watch on China

Last week I talked about board games you could play with friends to practice Chinese. But let's be real, sometimes making plans can be hard. Maybe the weather is bad... Maybe they are busy... The fact is, sometimes you end up home alone, and don't really feel like going out. In days like this, you could get … Continue reading Kàn diànshìjù (看电视剧): What series to watch on China