Pig year for 2019

If you are born in 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 or 2007, this year is dedicated to you. According to the myths, the pig is the last one arrived at the Jade Emperor’s great meeting because he feel asleep after a feast during the trip. So this is not your fault if you are always … More Pig year for 2019

10 Dinge die sich ändern wenn du im Ausland bist

Hallo, heute schreibe ich einmal in Deutsch. Natürlich werden unsere Blog Artikel weiter in Englisch geschrieben, dennoch wollten wir auch einmal an unsere vielen Deutschen Leser einen Blog schreiben. Mittlerweile bin ich seit über 3 Monaten hier in China. Für mich war und ist es die beste Entscheidung in Ausland zu gehen. 10 wichtige Dinge … More 10 Dinge die sich ändern wenn du im Ausland bist

Golden Week

It is the 1st of October and that means, its the Golden Week. This is a week where everyone in China gets a week off from their work, if you do an office job, and school. Most people use this week to travel, most of them travel domestic however some choose to go abroad as … More Golden Week

Making Mooncakes

I hope everyone had a wonderfull Mid-Autumn Festival last couple of days! Last week Wednesday I went to a bakery to make my own mooncakes. And I have to say, you should try it as well if you get the chance. We started the day off with a cultural lesson about mooncakes and the Mid-Autumn … More Making Mooncakes