5th German Wine Festival in Qingdao!

Drinking wine and learn Chinese with XMandarin?


The German wine festival in Qingdao was once again a success!

微信图片_20191030104039                     微信图片_20191030104033

The 5th edition of the wine festival took place at the Olympic sailing center. With more than 5000 visitors, XMandarin is proud to have been part of it again.


It’s been the third time that XMandarin has sponsored the Wine Festival with more years of sponsorship to come.

IMG_20190907_140744 微信图片_20191030104027

Eating, drinking, studying Chinese – We had it all!

The festival was perfectly located right next to the ocean, allowing everyone an amazing view. Thus, having our own XMandarin flag hanging out on the sun beach, the day couldn’t have started off better.


We had some great talks with people from different countries, who were excited about studying Chinese at XMandarin.



We had our own little booth in the tent with little presents and flyers about the school.

For speaking Chinese is fun and useful we were most glad to share our ideas about best learning approaches and how we’re meeting them. Lastly, the wine was very pleasant!IMG_20190906_181350






























The Festival was great fun and we can’t wait for next year!


Are you ready to learn Chinese?

Come join us at XMandarin,

You are most welcome!

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