Qingdao Fushan Mountain 浮山

After an exhausting week learning Chinese in Qingdao’s Languages Schools. Among all activities possible in Qingdao, a hike in Fushan is one of the most enjoyable. Easy to access, free and relaxing, an afternoon of hiking in these mountains makes you forget the stress and noise of the city.

The first part is easy to hike, stairs, paths, at the top of those you can admire Qingdao city, mountains and ocean. Fresh air, you can admire few birds, and enjoy the silence of the nature.

The highest mountain is harder to hike but the effort is rewarded by a beautiful view and a walk in the History of Qingdao. The yellowish color of the mountain is astonishing.

Remains of History

At the top of the highest mountain you can walk into a forgotten German bunker. Each successive occupation of Qingdao left its mark on the Fushan Tunnels. During WWII the tunnels were apparently used as an artillery depot and special-forces training ground.

Since then the bunker have been abandoned. The Fushan Tunnels, however, remain largely unknown.

Sunset on the way down

If you stay longer in the mountain you can admire the sunset during your way down.


Enjoy the silence, the nature and the view.

Nothing is better after a long hiking day.


Have you ever been to Fushan ? What was your path ? What mysteries have you discovered ?



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