Goodbye to Joolie and Kevin


Last day for XMandarin interns

After 6 month, it’s time for Joolie and Kevin to leave the XMandarin school. They left behind a sad team, but they were proud to have worked with young people full of talent and ambition. The company and interns are very satisfied with the time spent together. “It’s a big family” said Joolie “It’s a place where you can stay for 6 months and have your own ideas, make it real and be yourself. I am really happy to had this internship. For sure I will come back, maybe stay for a year or even live in Qingdao!” Internship in XMandarin is “overall great and the company and the staff are really nice” said Kevin.

Interns who don’t want to leave

The interns are nostalgic of their first day in Qingdao, “I am sad to leave, it’s very comfortable here, the ocean, the mountains, the shopping, the food, I will miss everything.” said Joolie. “If I didn’t have class at my university I would have stay longer, I will definitively come back to Qingdao.” said Kevin.

Party for their departure

The interns bought a cake for the whole staff, and they received a gift for their months of good work, a nice touch from both parties. They will be remembered for a long time and the team will miss them. We wish them good luck in their studies and for the future !!

Goodbye Joolie and Kevin.

See you soon.

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