About us

Everybody says learning Chinese Mandarin is a hard and challenging lifetime task. All the characters, reading, writing and grammar are too difficult. So that is why many people just stop or avoid learning Mandarin even though Chinese is probably easier to learn than English, German, French, Spanish etc. 

We, two students of XMandarin Chinese Language Centre, are here to clarify this myth. Furthermore we like to share our passion for the Chinese culture, our reasons why we chose to learn Chinese and of course why we chose XMandarin Chinese Language Centre.

Beforehand as a little overview about us, we simply introduce all of us:

Marie: Author, Student at XMandarin Chinese Language Centre, French
Anja: Author, Student at XMandarin Chinese Language Centre, Dutch                                     XMandarin Chinese Language Centre: located in the heart of Qingdao, a picturesque peninsula with a lot of nature; offering private-, group- and online-classes and much more