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Do you believe Chinese is tough? …like full of annoying vowels and characters?
Right these are all Chinese, and this is where many people stop.
However, learning Chinese can be just as smooth as learning French, Russian or Dutch!

Let me, at XMandarin Chinese Language Centre, clarify this myth. At times I might also share with you my passion for Chinese culture and learning Chinese, and also why I have chosen XMandarin.

Author: Wiede, Student at XMandarin, German

XMandarin Chinese Language Centre: located in the heart of Qingdao, a picturesque peninsula within nature, offering private-, group- and online-classes and much more!


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Shandong Province – Nucleus of Chinese History

Did you know that the region of Qingdao was home to one of China’s oldest advanced civilizations? Indeed, the Qi people had settled on the Shandong Peninsula more than 3,000 years ago making it one of China’s most original places. In Autumn and Spring Period, the City of Linzi evolved to be the world’s biggest city of … Continue reading Shandong Province – Nucleus of Chinese History

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